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    ■ What is INTERPHEX OSAKA?

    International Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Expo/Conference.

    The must-attend event for the Japanese & Asian pharmaceutical industry. INTERPHEX OSAKA is a B to B trade show specialised in pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing which will be held in Osaka, the largest city in western Japan. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing professionals from all over Japan are expected to visit the show. Exhibit at INTERPHEX OSAKA and expand your business in the Japanese pharmaceutical market!

    Please exhibit at the show for your business expansion.

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    ■ Outline

    Dates: February 24 [Wed] - 26 [Fri], 2016

    Venue: INTEX Osaka, Japan

    Organised by: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

    Supported by: Union of Kansai Governments

    Exhibition Title:
    – 2nd Int'l Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Expo Osaka
    Concurrent shows held inside MEDICAL JAPAN 2016:
    ・2nd [Hospital + Innovation] Expo Japan
    ・Nursing Expo Japan 2016
    - 2nd International Nursing & Nursing Care Expo
    ・2nd Clinical Laboratory & Diagnostics Expo Japan
    ・MEDIX OSAKA 2016
    - 6th Medical Device Development Expo Osaka
    ・2nd Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference Japan
    ・in-PHARMA OSAKA 2016
    - 2nd Int'l Pharmaceutical Ingredients Expo Osaka

    [Exhibit Profile]

    Materials Process Zone
    • Agglomeration Equipment
    • Agitators
    • Blenders
    • Coating Equipment
    • Concentrators
    • Drying Equipment
    • Emulsifiers
    • Granulators
    • Grinder Mill
    • Homogenizers
    • Classifiers
    • Bolters
    • Separators
    • Thickeners
    • Tableting Machines
    • Reaction Vessels
    • Stainless-steel Containers, etc.
    Process Inspection/Testing Equipment Zone
    • Detectors
    • Inspection Devices
    • Testing Devices
    • Vision Inspection Systems
    • Tablet Inspection Systems
    • Capsule Inspection Systems
    • Ampoule Inspection Systems
    • Printing/Labeling Inspection Systems
    • Powder Inspection Systems
    • Image Inspection Systems
    • Automatic Controllers
    • Flowmeters
    • Monitoring Systems, etc.
    Supplies & Transfer Zone
    • Feeders
    • Filling Equipment (Powder, Tablet, Liquid, Capsule)
    • Pumps
    • Tubing
    • Valves/Fittings
    • Compression Machines
    • Conveyors/Transporting Equipment
    • Storage Tanks
    • Lifts, etc.
    Laboratory Measurement/Analysis Equipment Zone
    • Various Measurement Devices
      (Core Diameter, Humidity, Temperature, Moisture, Viscosity, Absorption, Smell, etc.)
    • Dissolution Testing
    • Disintegration Testing
    • Automatic Titrators
    • Analyzers
    • Mills/Agitators for Research Uses
    • Microscopes, etc.
    Biopharma Zone
    • Culture Apparatus
    • Shredding/Extraction Equipment
    • Separation/Refinement Technologies
    • Bio Plant Engineering
    • Transportation Containers
    • Supply Systems
    • Control/Management Systems
    • Contract Synthesis (Protein, Peptide, Antibody), etc.
    Sterilizing Equipment & Clean Room Zone
    • Sterilization Systems(High Pressure, Drying,
      UV Light, etc.)
    • Rubber Plug Washing Machines
    • Ampoule Washing Machines
    • Other Washing Machines
    • Filters
    • Filtration/Purification Equipment
    • Deionizer
    • Air Conditioners
    • Dust Collection Equipment
    • Clean Room
    • Isolators
    • Air Showers
    • Clean Room Equipment & Supplies (Clothes, Gloves, Masks, etc.)
    • Wipers, etc.
    Water Production/Control Zone
    • Pharmaceutical Water Production Systems
    • Distillation Equipment
    • Sterilization Equipment
    • Filtration Equipment
    • TOC Measuring Equipment
    • Leak Testers
    • Components/ Materials
    • Effluent Treatment Equipment, etc.
    Plant Engineering Zone
    • Engineering Technologies
    • GMP/Validation Services
    • Engineering Services, etc.
    IT Solutions Zone
    • Production Support Systems
    • R&D Support Systems
    • Documentation & Information Control
    • Sales & Marketing Support Systems
    • Other IT Solutions
    Logistics Zone
    • 3PL, Logistics Contract Services
    • Automated Logistics Systems (Warehouse, Sorting, Picking, etc.) Conveyers Balancers Carts Containers Pallets
    • Logistics IT Systems, etc.
    Contract Services Zone
    • Manufacturing
    • Analysis/Testing
    • Packaging
    • Research
    • Business/Project Management
    • Logistics, etc.

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    MEDICAL JAPAN consists of 7 specialised exhibitions below:

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